Online reputation – how do you fix this?

Last week, I was using to curate topics about social media.   The way it works is that you  create  “keywords”  and  then  searches and makes suggestions  based on those keywords.

Last week I included  anImage article from this  site here –  a  site that  wants to  change public opinion about dolphins in captivity.   The article is quite critical of a journalist who wrote this article here.

My interest in the article  was about  how  the original site   was using social media to change  public opinion,  and  secondarily, about the issue  on online  reputation and that the  journalist was copping some serious flak!

But here’s  the problem –  yesterday I received an email  about my blog  posting from an Erin Ryan  –  complaining the  google+  and other  social sites were  harassing her. (my  blog posting being a source )    – Apparently  this person is NOT the journalist in question  and has never written anything about  dolphins.

The problem is  that  the original site  used a suggested  tag  the refers to this OTHER  person with the same name.

This OTHER person  – who has some  involvement in social media –   has  seen her online reputation   destroyed  –  through no fault of her own.

Hopefully this post and the reply  I  posted  to her  will resolve some of the issues.

But  the  whole issue of reputation management has to be addressed.


I wonder  how many people have applied for a job –  and the  prospective employer has  typed that person’s name in Facebook  and  chosen not to interview  due to mistaken identity?

How do you manage you online  reputation  so that a case of mistaken identity cannot happen?

How do you protect yourself from a malicious online  campaign  that sets to destry your online  reputation (  business and individual? )

image  = ( creative commons  use )


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