Self Proclaimed Social Media Expert Erin Ryan Supports Mirages, “Dolphin Death Pool”

Via Scoop.itSocial media for collaboration and engagement

This is an interesting article as it shows how social media can bring about changes for the better, – but also shows that if you try and use social media to hoodwink your followers it can backfire


2 thoughts on “Self Proclaimed Social Media Expert Erin Ryan Supports Mirages, “Dolphin Death Pool””

  1. I believe your harassment is being directed at the wrong person, I have been receiving messages from you on G+ and I do go by “The Erin Ryan” on various social networks, although I am in the Social Media Industry, I am not an expert, nor have I ever claimed to be. Now, with all of that said, I am not the “Erin Ryan” who writes for LasVegas Weekly, in fact she is a completely different person all together. So, I ask kindly, please stop harassing my social networks, please remove “The Erin Ryan” from your tag, since it hurts me and clearly not the person you are intending to get the attention of, I do like the movie “The Cove”, however, I am unsure if she does. Therefore, please learn from this, that prior to damaging someone’s reputation, you should however do your research more thoroughly first. Finally, I love dolphin’s and would never nor have ever supported or written anything to counteract that statement. Thank You

    The Other Erin Ryan.

    1. Hi Erin,
      thanks for contacting me on this blog. The post you are referring to is from my curation of social media topics on the curation site I am not the original author of the article.

      My interest in the article is mostly about how the authors are using social media to incite a change in public opinion. And the other factor at work here is online reputation, and how it can easily be affected.

      It looks like that you – having the same name as the journalist in question – are caught in the crossfire.

      I think that this is an unfortunate thing about social media – it doesn’t have the checks and balances that traditional media has – and people like yourself can have their online reputation ruined through no fault of your own.

      By the way – I know what this is like. I share my name with a famous (gay) entertainer. It made my life hell in the 80’s when community attitudes were not so tolerant as they are now.

      In my opinion, this issue of accidental reputation damage is more of a story than the dolphin story – if you are ” in the social media industry” as you say – you probably have the means to promote this issue through social media. Managing an online reputation is an issue for individuals and businesses alike.

      You are now an experienced stakeholder in this issue. (next week you will probably considered an expert! ). You can use this issue to differentiate between yourself and the journalist Erin Ryan.

      Finally, please accept my apologies for being an unknowing participant in this situation.

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