proflightsimulator  is one of the best put together scams Ive seen in a long time.

The  architects behind this  scam  have done their homework.   they’ve put together a very nice looking website.

They’ve  added    positive reviews   to the review sites around the internet

They’ve spent up big  on google advertising, facebook advertising ,   and   probably even conventional advertising.

Without some serious  Googling  a prospective customer  would be hard  pressed to find a negative comment about the flight sim.

but here’s the thing.    Proflightsimulator   is  just a copy of a * free* flight simulator called  Flightgear [www.flightgear.com]

Check out this  post : –

Hey Peoples, Just thought I would share this info, ProFlightsimulator appears to be a scam.. I went looking into it.. it caught my curiosity too.

the quote below is a reprint from


Posted 19 November 2010 – 05:35 PM
Well don’t believe a word of this one at all. It’s a scam.

This “new sim” is simply a compilation of an old version of the Open Source Flightgear project. It is NOT a new sim, it is NOT “better than FSX” and the current version is available without any charge at all here: http://www.flightgear.org/

Link on the Flightgear site discussing this here: http://www.flightgea…hp?f=17&t=10039

Ian P.

So spread the news an tell your friends.. an report the ad if you see it on facebook 🙂


Unfortunately   it seems  that http://www.proflightsimulator.com hasnt  done anything illegal   –   the  flightgear  sim license allows people to recompile it   –  but  their advertising certainly seeks to mislead.


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