Apple aluminium keyboard working with Win 7 64bit … Finally!

one of those niggly things –  I’ve had an apple aluminium keyboard on my PC for a While –  a legacy of plying with  a hackintosh build.

I really like the keyboard,   but couldnt get it to work  perfectly  with Windows 7 .

but today I finally found a solution.  thanks to the post here : –

I’ve found a solution to use apple’s keyboard on Vista without BootCamp. (On hackintosh in my case)

First of all boot in windows, then insert your Snow Leo disc.
Open a new window to explore disc content.
Go to Folder “Boot Camp” > “Drivers” > “Apple”

then copy “BootCamp.msi” or “BootCamp64.msi” to your desktop.

in the same folder copy the file “AppleKeyboardInstaller.exe” or take the one in “x64” folder if you’re on x64 system.

When the two files are copied on your desktop you can eject the disk.

Then with an utility like Winrar or 7-Zip extract the “AppleKeyboardInstaller.exe” content.
When it’s done run the file “DPInst.exe”

But the keyboard will work now.

After that, search you need to run “BootCamp.msi” as administrator.
To run “BootCamp.msi” as administrator, first of all, you need to open cmd as administrator (“start menu” > “all programs” > accessories > “command prompt” then right click “run as administrator”)

In the command prompt, go to your desktop (cd /Users/*your users’ name*/Desktop).
Then type “BootCamp.msi”.

When the install is finish, reboot and it’s ok! “

I would just add that I  went into bootcamp in the windows 7 system tray and  clicked the ” make the function keys work like microsoft ones instead of apple ones” and  all of the sudden  ALL of the keys  start working on my  Apple aluminium keyboard.

apple aluminium keyboard


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