Twitter and TALO

[TALO – stands for teach and learn online – an email list started a couple of years ago in Australia. It covered the changing face of online/ blended/ technology learning……]

OK. well,  to put it bluntlly, TALO  isnt as good as it used to be.

Leigh  provided the  (almost) religious zeal for networked learning, and   put in the time  to facilitate the list like we all know decent lists should be. He would gather the threads  together, respond  and  encourage,   ask probing questions, and tease out the  deeper meaning behind some of the more cryptic  responses.

Leigh and others have also practiced what they preached –  a networked learner/ netizen should  have a distributed presence  on the net, and not put all of their  energies into a single mail list.  Quite simply they have moved on – and quite rightly  –  how can  you speak with any authority on  “all things internet” if  you  dont get in there and try it?

Here’s an example. One thing I noticed is that some of the  previously  high profile  posters on TALO   were doing stuff on Twitter.  and  having a brief look at Twitter I couldnt understand the attraction.  I would see  twitter posts (sometimes called microblogging)  where people would post  things like : – I’m doing the dishes, I’m driving to work, I’m picking my nose etc…..  at first I didnt see  much value in it .

Then I started using twitter  more when I  downloaded an App into my iphone called Twinkle –  which provided an easy way to post and read Twitters.  The app also provided a way to see twitter posts based on location – I could also see twitters from within  – say – a 50 Km radius.

It was about this time I saw a change in the way people were using  Twitter.

I noticed  some bloggers were  blogging as per usual but were announcing a new post  with a summary and a link in Twitter…..

I notice  when some twitterers had found an interesting article  they would comment and provide a link.

I noticed that  some twitterers were using a feature  in which people could post  to a twitter  category that was  related to some event.  ie a  twitter category  was created  which  related to a conference  etc.  Conference attendees could Twitter each other  during the keynote speech –  and so a twitter conversation would be happening  during the presentation.

This led me a small moment of epiphany.  –  One of the reasons I have never been able to incorporate  using an RSS reader into my daily life is  because that approach is centred around content.  Twitter, on the other hand centres around  people.

I realized that  I dont make connections with data – I make connections with people.    The twitter approach  connects me to people.  and through that connection their blog post  has meaning, context and relevance.

Many   ex TALO posters are in the Twiterverse –  maybe thats why  the email list is a bit dead.

Is it a case of  ” TALO is dead, long live TALO ”   ???


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