Augmented reality, youtube playlists and more!

girl wearing VR glassesgirl wearing vr glassesOne of the things I’ve been meaning to find out more about is augmented reality, as one of the things that sprung to mind when I was thinking what podcasts could actually do – one idea I had was the ” guided tour podcast. but if you take that idea one step further…….Imagine you are walking through a park with your augmented reality glasses on – they are plugged into your portable device – which is connected to the net via WIFI, and has a GPS unit in it so it knows where you are.You walk close to a statue – there is an RFID tag embedded in the base of the statue – your mobile device detects that you are in close proximity to the statue and through your augmented reality sunglasses it indicates there is information about this statue by overlaying a hotspot on it as you look at tap your pocket to indicate you want the information. and after a moment an audio feed from the ‘net tells you about the statue, its creator and the reason its here in the park.Science fiction? – no i think we have all the building blocks to make this augmented reality right now. in fact I bet with a enough google-ing I will find its probably already happening.______________________________ I was using Youtube to gather videos about augmented reality and was saving them to an appropriately labeled playlist in my account. It thoought that others might want to see this collection of videos in the playlist so I emailed the playlist to the TALO mailist and it occured to me that I hadnt seen this done by anybody else.Apart from the fact that Youtube is blocked by the TAFE firewall , it seemed me to be a quick and effective way to direct you audiences attention to video resources on Youtube – so its a teaching tool that’s quick, easy and simple! :)Lastly welcome to my new blog.  The old one – was missnamed, and on a site that was increasingly full of spam and blocked by almost everybody and  admittedly had fallen into disuse. This blog will hopefully be more broader in its outlook.


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